Research in the laboratory borrows tools from classical biochemistry, structural biology and biological inorganic chemistry.  A couple of the resources at our disposal follow. 


Rapid Kinetics

The lab is equipped with an Applied Photophysics SX20 stopped flow spectrophotometer with a 2 millisecond deadtime, UV/Vis absorption (PDA, PMT) and fluorescence detection with a number of additional accessories for anaerobic handling, chemical quench, etc..

EPR Spectroscopy

We regularly use electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy for the detection of unpaired electrons in metalloenzymes and spin-labeled proteins.  We make use of a Bruker EMX system with an Oxford cryostat, allowing us to collect spectra from 2 K to room temperature.



Macromolecular Structure

With funding from the UofSC office of the Vice President of Research to Profs. Chruszcz and Makris, we maintain membership to the SouthEast Regional Collaborative Access Team (SER-CAT) giving us data collection at regular intervals at the Advanced Photon Source.